Lamia (Municipality of Lamia, www.lamia.gr) is the capital of Fthiotida located at the foothills of  mountain ‘Othrys’. There are several versions about the origin of the city’s name: Lamia was built by Lamos, the son of Hercules and Omphale. According to Pausanias, the city was built by the Lamia, Queen Trachiniae, daughter of Poseidon. According to Aristotle, the word Lamia is a female noun, meaning the region, the country, the city located between two hills. In another version, the name of the city comes from an anagram of the word Malia, the name of the surrounding area. During the Byzantine era, the city took the name Zitouni and was fortified.

Lamia is one modern city of Greece with rich history, strong social life and wonderful climate. Nowadays the town has 80,000 inhabitants, it is commercial center with great farming, ranching and forestry production. Its Industrial Area of 1.500 acres is located 8 km outside the city center. Particularly valuable for the city, for economic reasons, is considered the Panhellenic Exhibition of Lamia which is organized every year during the last ten days of May. In the city of Lamia you can visit the archaeological museum and the Municipal Theatre (Regional Theatre Rumeli), the municipal conservatory, cinema halls, the sports center. There are also many cultural mountaineering, nature and sports clubs.