The General Assembly of the Department, every year, appoints a committee, consisting of Faculty Members of the Department, which is responsible for the overall coordination of the Theses.

For the academic year 2019-20, according to a decision of the 32nd / 12-09-2019 General Assembly of the Department, the coordinating committee of graduate theses consists of Dr Loukopoulos Athanasios, Dr Braliou Georgia and Dr Markou Evripidis.

The coordinating committee, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Department,  in three time periods of each academic year, gathers from the Theses Supervisors the titles of the Graduate Theses, that have been completed as well as their respective three-member examination committees. The exact dates, venue and duration for the presentation and examination of the Theses are announced. Usually, these dates are set in the beginning of each academic semester, in October and February, but also in June.

The teaching staff, Faculty Members, university scholarship holders with a doctoral degree, P.D. 407/80 contract instructors, academic experience instructors and members of the Laboratory Teaching staff  propose  topics to the relevant committee (title, summary of the topic, prerequisite courses, etc.) at the beginning of each academic semester, until the first week of the course selection statement procedure. The Coordinating Committee, in collaboration with the teaching staff, announces the topics on offer through the Secretariat of the Department until the second week of course selection statement procedure, in order for the students to be informed on time about their application submission in the respective periods.

Students who are in the 7th or 8th semester and have successfully completed at least 28 courses until the submission of their application to the Secretariat of the Department have the right to apply for a Diploma Thesis.

The thesis corresponds to 20 (twenty) credit units (ECTS). The elaboration of the thesis is not compulsory. Students, who are not interested in completing a thesis, may select, register, attend and successfully complete four additional elective courses.

The Graduate Theses Regulation is available here.

The students of the department and especially those who are in the process of preparing their thesis must be aware of Plagiarism Issues (see here)

The Guidelines and useful information for theses formatting are available at the following link

Thesis formatting specifications