The Laboratory mainly covers the educational and research activities of students and staff of the Department in cognitive subjects such as collection and formation of Medical image from various imaging systems, Processing and analysis of Biomarkers and Bio-images, Development of computational algorithms for quantification and the individualization of medicine and the support of diagnosis and treatment.


The Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, with Laboratory Director and Associate Professor Dimitrios Iakovidis, includes the following:

  • Faculty members: D. Iakovidis, K. Delimbasis, V. Drakopoulos
  • Members of EDIP: P. Vennou
  • ETEP members: P. Karageorgos
  • Postdoctoral Researchers: Dakolia Harris, Kalozoumis Panagiotis.
  • Υπ. Doctors: Konstantina Kottari, Dimitrios Diamantis, Michalis Vasilakakis, Georgios Dimas
For more information visit the websites of the research teams active in the laboratory: