The Laboratory of Telecommunication Systems, Networks, and Integrated Services conducts research in the areas of Wired and Wireless Communication Systems and Networks, Security of Telecommunication and Information Systems, Internet traffic and Internet Service, Distributed Communication Systems, Multimedia, Mobile and Diffuse Computing, Online Social Media and Applications, Big Data Analytics and Linked Data (Link). The Laboratory subject is at the forefront of research and development with a number of possible applications in every field of science and technology.
The Laboratory of Telecommunication Systems, Networks, and Integrated Services with Laboratory Director the Associate Professor Harilaos Sandalidis, includes the following:

• Faculty members: Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Harilaos Sandalidis
• Lab Teaching Staff members: Alexandros Vavoulas, Nikolaos Vaiopoulos
• Technical Lab Staff members: Despina Bilali
• Postdoctoral Researchers: Marios Koniaris, Gerasimos Razis
• Ph.D. Students: Georgios Zachos, Dimitrios Negas, Triantaphyllos Petrinos, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Chrysovalanto Christopoulou.

The mission of the Laboratory is:

• Conducting basic and applied research on topics related to the Laboratory and publishing the relevant results in reputable international scientific journals and conferences. The research will be based on elaborating undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral dissertations.
• Attracting resources in the context of conducting research projects and providing specialized services to private and public sector bodies. Indicatively, these services may relate to the certification, preparation of studies, and implementation in Wired and Wireless Communication Systems and Networks, Information Systems on the Internet and the World Wide Web, Distributed Communication Systems, Web Applications, Networking and Social Networking Interconnected Computer Systems and Data.
• Attracting a high level of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers, from Greece and abroad
• Participating in interdepartmental postgraduate programs

Laboratory presentation