The Assembly of the Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics of the School of Sciences of the University of Thessaly was formed with the Decision No. 793 / 6-9-2019 by the President of the Department and consists of the following:

Anagnostopoulos Ioannis, Associate Professor, President

Bagos Panteleimon, Professor

Hatzigeorgiou Artemis-Georgia, Professor

Iakovidis Dimitrios, Associate Professor

Adam Maria, Associate Professor

Markou Evripidis, Associate Professor

Sandalidis Charilaos, Associate Professor

Delimbasis Konstantinos, Associate Professor

Kakaroundas Athanasios, Assistant Professor

Drakopoulos Vasileios, Assistant Professor

Loukopoulos Athanasios, Assistant Professor

Triantafyllou Ioannis, Assistant Professor

Braliou Georgia, Assistant Professor

Giouramanis Theodoros, Assistant Professor

Tasoulis Sotirios, Assistant Professor

Tsoukatos Konstantinos, Assistant Professor

Karanikas Haralambos, Lecturer

Representative of the Special Educational Staff (Mouti Anna)

Representative of the Laboratory Teaching Staff (Spathoulas Georgios)

Representative of the Special Laboratory Staff (Not Designated)

Representative of Undergraduate Students (Oikonomou Iro)

Representative of Postgraduate Students – PhD Candidates (Diamandis Dimitrios)

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