The Department is pioneering in the field of Computer Science, as it comes to fill the gap in the field of IT applications in the field of Medicine / Health and Biology, thus ensuring good occupational prospects for graduates, making them competitive in the job market and ready to meet the modern requirements in the scientific field of both Informatics and Biomedicine. Employment opportunities are identified in both the private and public sectors as well as in the research sector. Some indicative employment opportunities are mentioned:

In the Public Sector in positions of development and supervision of the Hospital Information System operation, Management of the Hospitals’ Electronic Health Records, selection of medical equipment, management of Research and Development Programs of various Ministries

In Universities and Research Centers as Teaching-Research staff

In the private sector as scientific managers in the fields of: telemedicine, computer applications in medical devices for processing biosignal or images, design and research in research departments of large companies for the improvement and design of new medical devices for artificial organs.

The degree of the Department Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics is equivalent to all the other Departments of Informatics in the country and the graduates of the Department have equal opportunities in the labor market with the graduates of the other departments of Informatics. Therefore, the graduates of the Department:

  • Τhey are included in the PE19 branch of IT University graduates (according to the Presidential Decree 44/2005 and the attached Annex C)
  • They hold the qualifications for appointment to the positions of Secondary Education Teachers of the Ministry of Education and Religions Affairs, of the PE19 branch of IT University graduates (according to article 39 of Law 3794/09)
  • They have the ability to engage in activities such as study, design, analysis, implementation, installation, supervision, operation, evaluation, expertise and certification in the scientific fields of:

computer hardware and software,

computer science

communication systems and networks, telecommunications services and internet applications

systems and applications, graphics, signal processing, image processing and speech processing (according to article 2 of PD 44/2009 (Government Gazette 58 A ‘))

The Department is renowned domestically and internationally and this is evident in the large number of graduates who follow a research and academic career and in the graduates who are in the job market, as well as in the large number of original publications of the faculty members in reputable scientific journals and in international scientific conferences. Finally, the number of funded research and development programs undertaken by the Department, both by the European Union and by Greek bodies, is important.

Finally, the Department, aiming to strengthen the career/occupational prospects of its students, offers the opportunity of obtaining a certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence. More information can be found on the section regarding  the graduates of the department and on the page on the graduates of other departments.

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