Scholarships and prizes will be awarded to those candidates who meet the following requirements:

1. To have Greek nationality or citizenship.

2. The personal income of the candidates (only for scholarships) should not exceed € 12,000, and the family income should not exceed € 50,000. (in net taxable amounts),

3. To have been admitted in the department after his/her first participation in national university entry examination and have been registered as first-year students in the department. A student who, while was admitted in a certain department, he/she was enrolled directly in another university or has been transferred, he/she should claim the scholarship or award from the department where he was eventually enrolled or transferred, as long as his grade places him in the specified number of scholarships and prizes of the specific department.

4. To have completed successfully a number of courses that cannot be less than the suggested number of courses of the indicative curriculum of the two semesters of each academic year and their average score should not be less than 6.51 (very good).

5. To have submitted the required supporting documents on time. The priority order of those who meet the prerequisites for granting a performance scholarship is determined on the basis of the absolute ranking order of success in descending order, after taking into account that:

1. Performance scholarships are awarded, based, firstly, on the student’s financial situation (see above), and secondly on his academic performance.

2. For the prizes award, consisting of a written diploma and the granting of a sum of money, it is only the academic performance of the student who ranks him in the first place. A student whose grade ranks first both in the National University Entry Examination and the semesters’ academic performance may also receive the performance scholarship, as long as s/he meets the financial requirements. Scholarships are not awarded, except for an honorary degree, to students who: – Do not meet the financial requirements (see above). – They already hold another degree. – They are Foreign Nationals fellows by the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY).

3. In case of absolute equal grades to cover the last or last positions of performance scholarships, the scholarship is granted to the one who has the lowest personal and family income. Full scholarships are awarded to students whose declared personal and family income is exactly the same.

State Scholarship Foundation (

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