The Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics was founded according to the Presidential Decree 84 (Government Gazette 65τΑ’/2-3-2004) at the University of Central Greece and accepted the first 71 students in year 2004-2005. In 2013, according to Presidential Decree 92 (Government Gazette 131τΑ’/5-6-2013) the Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics joined the School of Science of University of Thessaly. The Department is based in Lamia, at Papasiopoulou 2-4 Str., Educational Academy’s former building. At this academic premise one can access the lecture venues, the laboratories, the amphitheaters and the administrator’s office.

Each academic year the Department accepts 160-180 undergraduate students, including the students from transfer and students that belong to special categories and, approximately, 25-35 post-graduate students. The Department also offers the opportunity of undertaking doctoral research, which leads to a PhD award, as well as further post-doctorate research, for those wishing so, depending on the number of applications and candidatures that are taken into consideration by School’s Deanship.

In the Department there are four legislated laboratories:

  • Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging
  • Laboratory of Intelligent Computational Systems
  • Laboratory of Molecular and Computational Biology and Genetics
  • Laboratory of Telecommunication systems, Networks and Integrated Services


Since academic year 2014-2015 the Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science of University of Thessaly runs the interdepartmental postgraduate course Informatics and Computational Biomedicine (Government Gazette 2730, τ. Β΄/13.10.2014) with two directions:

  • Computational Medicine and Biology
  • Biology and Computer Science with applications in Security, Big Data and Simulation
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