Introduction to Informatics (1ΚΒ04)
Instructor : Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
Assistant : Vennou Paraskevi
Course typeCompulsory
TermFall Semester
Teaching hours2
Laboratory hours2
Software and Hardware (Computers and Algorithms, Programming and Programming Languages, Software-Hardware Hierarchy, Algorithms Importance). Algorithms Design (Programming and Programming Languages, Syntax and Semantics, Algorithms Design and Analysis, Sequence, Selection, Iteration, Modularity, Recursion, Parallelism, Data Structures). Theory of Algorithms (Computability, Complexity, Correctness). Computer Architecture (Binary Logic, Components, Communication). System Software (Language Translators, Operating Systems). Data Bases (Data Models, Relational Model, Data Base Management System). Computer Networks (Computer Networks Utility, Packet Switching, Computer Network Architectures). Social Issues (Employment, Privacy, Security). Exercises: Arithmetic Systems, Change of Base, Arithmetic Operations, Complements OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS Signed Binary Numbers, Search-Sort-Merge Algorithms, Algorithm Complexity, Algorithms Analysis and Design, Algorithm Complexity Computation, Data Base Design and Implementation Laboratory: Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Matlab
Course objectives

This lesson aims to provide the necessary theoretical and practical background to the students of the first semester in respect to the very basic concepts of Informatics and Information Engineering. It actually consist of a variety of introductory issues related to fundamental lessons of Informatics (Numerical Systems, Data Management, Databases, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Internet Programming etc.).

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Course material