Technology of Medical Equipment (6ΕΠ09)
Instructor : Nikolaos Vaiopoulos
Assistant : Alexandros Vavoulas , Karageorgos Panagiotis
Course typeElective
TermSpring Semester
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours1
Principles of design and development of medical equipment, Basic principles of Biomedicine, Electronics and measurements with emphasis on operational characteristics and the selection of inverters, instruments and systems for the collection and processing of biomedical data, Devices of recording bio signals of (pressure, flow, bioelectric dynamics, temperature) and amplifiers. Sensors and biosensors: chemical, electrochemical, optical. Networks of biosensors and medical surveillance.
Course objectives
  • Understanding the basic principles of medical devices’ design and development.
  • Understanding the operation biosignals’ recording and amplification.
  • Get familiar with the basic principles of sensors.
  • Get familiar with the design and implementation of basic amplification circuits for biosignals as well as the processing of biomedical data.
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Course material