Digital Communications (6ΕΠ07)
Instructor : Alexandros Vavoulas
Course typeElective
TermSpring Semester
Teaching hours3
Laboratory hours
Model of a digital communication system, Representation of digital systems in time and frequency domain, Mixing process-Modulation, Basic principles of digital communications, Factors affecting system design, Channel capacity, Baseband data transmission, Intersymbol interference, Nyquist filters, Matched filters, Partial response signalling, Sources and examples of channel degradation, Distortion, Interference, Noise, Telephone and wireless channels, Bandpass digital modulation, Digital modulations, ASK-FSK-PSK, Multilevel digital modulation, Coding theory and practice, Multiple access schemes, FDMA, TDMA, CDMA.
Course objectives
  • Basic principles of digital communications systems operation.
  • Knowledge and skills in digital communication systems design
  • Limitations in digital communications
  • Practical matters regarding the application in real transmission channels
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