Semester 1
Name Code Instructor
English I 1ΞΓ01 Ntafopoulou Evangelia
Biochemistry 1ΚB06 Braliou Georgia
Linear Algebra 1ΚΠ02 Maria Adam
Introduction to Informatics 1ΚΒ04 Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
Introduction to Programming 1ΚΠ03 Evripides Markou
Calculus I 1ΚΠ01 Maria Adam
Physics 1ΚΠ05 Alexandros Vavoulas
Semester 2
Name Code Instructor
English ΙΙ 2ΞΓ01 Ntafopoulou Evangelia
Object Oriented Programming 2ΚΠ03 Dimitrios Iakovidis
Biology Ι 2ΚΒ05 Pantelis Bagos
Discrete Mathematics 2CI02 Vasileios Drakopoulos
Introduction to Biomedical Technology 2ΚΒ06 Konstantinos Delimpasis
Digital Design 2ΚΠ04 Athanasios Kakarountas
Calculus II 2ΚΠ01 Maria Adam
Semester 3
Name Code Instructor
English III 3ΞΓ01 Ntafopoulou Evangelia
Electronics Principles 3ΚΠ03 Nikolaos Vaiopoulos
Computer Architecture 3ΚΠ04 Athanasios Kakarountas
Biology II 3ΚΒ05 Pantelis Bagos
Probability and Elementary Statistics 3ΚΠ02 Ioannis Triantafyllou
Semester 4
Name Code Instructor
English IV 4ΞΓ01 Ntafopoulou Evangelia
Biostatistics 4KB06 Ioannis Triantafyllou
Computer Networks 4ΚΠ01 Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
Data Structures 4ΚΠ02 Evripides Markou
Operating Systems 4ΚΠ03 Thanasis Loukopoulos
Signals and Systems 4ΚΠ04 Konstantinos Delimpasis
Semester 5
Name Code Instructor
Anatomy and Physiology 5ΕΒ11 Papanagnou Georgios
Numerical Analysis 5ΕΠ10 Vassilis Plagianakos
Databases 5ΚΠ01 Thanasis Loukopoulos
Bioinformatics I 5KB04 Pantelis Bagos
Introduction to Telecommunications 5ΚΠ02 Harilaos Sandalidis
Theory of Computation 5ΕΠ08 Evripides Markou
Microprocessors 5ΕΠ09 Athanasios Kakarountas
Information Theory and Coding 5ΕΠ03 Harilaos Sandalidis
Internet Application Technologies 5ΚΠ06 Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
Digital Biosignal Processing 5EΒ03 Dimitrios Iakovidis
Semester 6
Name Code Instructor
Algorithms and Complexity 6ΕΠ05 Evripides Markou
Pattern Recognition 6ΕΠ02 Vassilis Plagianakos
Biomedical Image Analysis 6ΚΒ06 Dimitrios Iakovidis
System Analysis 6ΕΠ06
Bioinformatics II 6ΕΒ05 Pantelis Bagos
Computer Graphics 6ΚΠ07 Vasileios Drakopoulos
Anatomy and Physiology II 6ΕΒ10 Papanagnou Georgios
Embedded Systems for Biomedicine 6ΕΠ08 Athanasios Kakarountas
Applied Mathematics 6ΕΠ03 Maria Adam
Technology of Medical Equipment 6ΕΠ09 Nikolaos Vaiopoulos
Digital Communications 6ΕΠ07 Alexandros Vavoulas
Semester 7
Name Code Instructor
Human Computer Interaction 7ΕΠ04 Vasileios Drakopoulos
Genetics of Inherited Diseases - Population Genetics ω Braliou Georgia
Graph Theory 7ΕΠ02
Cryptography 7ΕΠ11 Georgios Spathoulas
Fractal and computational geometry 7ΕΠ12 Vasileios Drakopoulos
Health care Systems Management and Administration 7ΕΒ08
Medical Information Systems I 7ΕΒ18
Statistical Quality Control and Systems Reliability 7ΕΠ14 Ioannis Triantafyllou
Medical Imaging Systems 7ΕΒ13 Konstantinos Delimpasis
Medical Decision Support Systems 7EB05 Dimitrios Iakovidis
Computational Intelligence 7ΕΠ01 Vassilis Plagianakos
Software Engineering 7ΕΠ16 Georgios Spathoulas
Telemedicine 7ΕΒ19
Computer Vision 7ΕΠ10 Konstantinos Delimpasis
Semester 8
Name Code Instructor
Operational Research 8ΕΠ02
Wireless Communication Systems 8ΕΠ16 Harilaos Sandalidis
Computer Systems Security 8ΕΠ14 Georgios Spathoulas
Linked Computing and Data Systems 8ΚΠ02 Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
Computer Architecture Advanced Topics 8ΕΠ12
Special Topics on Bioinformatics & Bioethics 8ΕB08 Papadopoulou Theodora
Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery 8ΕΠ01 Vassilis Plagianakos
Theory of Programming Languages 8ΕΠ13
Simulation of Biological Systems 8ΕB07 Ioannis Triantafyllou
Health Economics 8ΕB06
Medical Information Systems II 8ΕΒ19
Automatic Control Systems and Applications in Biomedicine 8ΕΒ11 Harilaos Sandalidis
Semester unrestricted
Name Code Instructor
General Pedagogy 0ΕΠ02 Paraskevopoulou-Kollia Efrosyni-Alkisti
Cognitive Neuropsychology and Educational Practice ΕΥ573
Teaching methods in informatics 0ΕΠ07 Paraskevopoulou-Kollia Efrosyni-Alkisti
Introduction to Neuropsychology ΕΥ571
Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities: cause and interventions within the classroom ΕΥ673
Educational Assessment 0ΕΠ05
Neuropsycology of Learning and human development ΕΥ672
Business and Innovation 0EM05
Sociology of Education 0ΕΠ01 Paraskevopoulou-Kollia Efrosyni-Alkisti
Practical Exercise 0ΕΜ09
Internship - Teaching Modules Informatics in Secondary Education ΕΥ871
Internship - Teaching Modules Informatics in Primary Education ΕΥ771
ICT in Education 0ΕΠ04 Paraskevopoulou-Kollia Efrosyni-Alkisti